9/11 Twenty Years On

In my grandparents time, Pearl Harbor was one of the most defining moments of a generation. I don’t think for my (or even my parents) generation any event was so Earth shaking as those moments when highjacked planes flew themselves into the former World Trade Center in New York. The images from that day willContinue reading “9/11 Twenty Years On”

Labour Day 2021

With Covid beginning to, at least initially, look as though it is finally ramping down, it is important to reflect on this Labour Day on all that so-called essential workers have suffered. Throughout the pandemic people from nurses to grocery clerks were hailed as heroes, but then had “hero pay” clawed back by corporations whoContinue reading “Labour Day 2021”

2021 Quarterly Round Up: April-June

In the months since my last update, I’ve written 40,905 words. April was a wonderfully productive month, and I feel I spent my time on lockdown very well. I started or fleshed out three further short stories, and got well into the work on one of my novel projects. I’ve further added notes for aContinue reading “2021 Quarterly Round Up: April-June”

Red Mars

In 1992 Kim Stanley Robinson published the first book in his phenomenal trilogy about the colonization of Mars. Taking a look at the information we had on Mars at the time, how it might effect people living there, and telling a very deep story about community, Robinson paints a fascinating picture of life on the Red Planet, and how humans end up changing the environment of Red Mars.

Parable of the Talents

Lauren Olamina has, after losing everything, finally found family and community again. She’s built a community on the land of her husband’s family, a place where her religion of Earthseed can grow. From there perhaps it can spread to the greater world, and then to the stars. First though, she’ll have to keep it againstContinue reading “Parable of the Talents”

The Battle of Ridgeway

In June 1866, the year before Canada would become Canada, a group of Irish patriots under the moniker the Fenians, crossed into Canada with a simple plan. They would invade Canada and hold it hostage in exchange for Ireland’s freedom. If this plan sounds insane, it’s because it is. However, many were convinced they couldContinue reading “The Battle of Ridgeway”